Frequently Asked Questions

What to do exchange PayPal to WebMoney?
Below are the basic requirements:
  • Both accounts must belong to one person - it takes a full match data;
  • Your PayPal account must be at least 90 days, and Webmoney account older than 5 days. Both accounts must be verified.
  • PayPal account must be included in the list of "accounts in other payment systems."
  • Go to Settings Webmoney;

First name and Last name make publicly available

Enter  PayPal address and make publicly available

Can I place my order over the phone or e-mail?
No, all orders must be placed through the website's software interface.
I had some troubles while making the exchange, what should I do?
Usually this happens when the client has a poor internet connection available. If your transaction has failed please contact us and send us as many details as possible (date and time, E-currency account, requested sum  etc.) in order for us to resolve the situation.
Can I request a refund?
We are sorry but NO. All transactions are final.
Do you accept credit card payments?
No, we do not accept credit card payments.
Do you offer a referral/affiliate program?
How much do I earn in your referral program?
Please check our Affiliate program.
I sent an e-mail to you but have not received an answer yet.
We reply to all e-mails from our clients in 24h. Please also check your e-mail bulk/spam folder.