Rules and terms of exchange

The basic rules

1.1. The minimum amount of money for exchange elsewhere: 1 Dollar.

1.2. Watch the money in the reserve and fill the application form according to it.

1.3. Both accounts must belong to one person and must be verified.

1.4 Exchanging money is a manual process and the operator only needs 5-10 minutes on average (This process may take up to 24 hours for unforeseen reasons. After passing this time, if money was not exchanged you will be refunded with the full amount back).

1.5. If you want to cancel the operation till the exchange of money you can stop it (in case of return the transfer fee will be deducted from your balance).

1.6. If the application case is completed incorrectly (when the wallet of the receiver is indicated incorrectly) our service does not take any responsibility.

1.7. Exchange does not take place when 1) the application is obscure. 2) transferred amount is less than the sum in the application. The amount will be refunded back (in case of return the transfer fee is deducted from your balance).

1.8. Our service takes no responsibility if the money was not billed due to the electronic payment system.

1.9. Our service takes no responsibility if you have limits on your account (mostly this fact is related to the new accounts).

1.10. Our service takes no responsibility if the electronic payment system has blocked or is blocking your electronic account.

1.11. Fees can be changed at any time (updates take place in every 3 hours).

1.12. Do not trust if someone will offer you money exchange under our name (we offer service only on

1.13. in some cases it is possible to request your check. including: a scan of your passport, residence address or bank card (front side).

1.14. We reserve the right to refuse service of the client due to some reason.

1.15. The administration reserves the right to change the Terms without warning.

PayPal to WebMoney

2.1 Your PayPal account must be at least 90 days and Webmoney account older than 5 days. Both accounts must belong to one person and must be verified.

2.2. We reserve the right to delay payment for WebMoney from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the situation.

2.3. Exchange amount not less than 1 and not more than 150 USD  per transaction.

2.4. We may request additional information about the origin of funds to paypal account (such as screen last transactions).